Question: Would Austin Mahone date a fan?

Austin takes the cake when it comes to dating a fan. He and his current girlfriend Danielle Caesar are in a serious relationship and she was once his biggest fan. She actually tweeted at him and tried getting his attention for years. Yes, YEARS.

What are Austin Mahone fans called?

Mahomie A Mahomie is a fan of Austin Mahone. He came up with the name in 2010 in his room.

What age was Austin Mahone when he dated Becky G?

Then in May, Mahone (who was 18 at the time) confirmed to MTV that he and Becky G were a couple, saying “Yeah, you could say were dating. Were dating.

Who is Austin Mahone best friend?

Alex Constancio Alex Constancio is 20 years old and Austins best friend.

Did Selena Gomez Date Austin Mahone?

Los Angeles: Singer Austin Mahone has shot down rumours he is dating Selena Gomez, but says he finds her very attractive. The 17-year-old singer has denied reports he has recently struck up a relationship with the Come & Get It hitmaker, but admits that they hang out together a lot, reported People magazine.

How old is Alex Constancio?

26 years (July 11, 1995) Alex Constancio/Age

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