Question: Is Playa del Carmen good for couples?

Whether honeymooning, celebrating an anniversary, or just on a Mexican getaway, Playa del Carmen is a top pick for vacationing couples. Its stunning beaches, excellent dining and nightlife, and easy access to wonderful diving offer plenty activities for every traveler.

Is Playa del Carmen Romantic?

As much as Playa del Carmen is an ideal vacation spot for lovers, choosing romantic activities from our list of things to do in Playa del Carmen can be a challenge. After all, just being here is an act of love in and of itself.

Is it worth visiting Playa del Carmen?

Located an hour south of Cancun, on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, is the small town of Playa del Carmen. Since the two towns are so close together, a day-trip to Playa del Carmen is definitely a must-do.

Are there any travel advisories for Playa del Carmen?

Though an overall safe destination to visit, Playa del Carmens travel advisories by OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council) mention Covid-19 safety, water contamination, cartel relations, and natural disasters.

Is Playa del Carmen expensive?

While Playa del Carmen is undoubtedly more expensive than other Mexican towns (especially the ones far away from beaches), it can still be pretty affordable. There are plenty of restaurants for any budget. More expensive options (mostly for tourists) are located right on 5th Avenue.

Is it safe to walk around Tulum at night?

The whole of Tulum is quite safe, especially around the sleepy town and main drag of beach. When it comes to areas to avoid in Tulum, you should be wary of wandering into residential neighborhoods at night as theres a lack of streetlights, making it easy for someone to creep up on you.

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