Question: Where can I go at night in Perth?

Where can I go on a Friday night in Perth?

Late Night NooksPalace Arcade. If youre looking for something fun to do this Friday night with a twist, wed recommend hitting up the games at Palace Arcade. Shadow Wine Bar. This place oozes class, and its no wonder that this is a go-to for many. Bar Lafayette. Petition Wine Merchant and Beer Corner.Apr 19, 2021

Which month is best to visit Perth?

The best time to visit Perth is in September, October or November when the city is aglow with the colors and perfumes of spring and sunny days are uninterrupted by rain. December through February constitutes Perths summertime and is marked by scorching temperatures.

Whats Open in Perth on Good Friday?

PERTH CAFES OPEN ON GOOD FRIDAYNorth. Lot One Kitchen - Hillarys. Cam St Social - Wembley. Marmalade Cafe - Duncraig. Central. Kinky Lizard - East Perth. Pixel Coffee - Leederville and Claremont. South. Syd & Phyllis – Midland. Willing Coffee – Guildford. Fremantle and Cottesloe. Duck Duck Bruce - Fremantle. Il Lido - Cottesloe.16 Apr 2019

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