Question: Where can I Find my Old High School classmates?

Contact the school direct or contact its alumni society. They will be able to let you know how to find old classmates via their records or other means like advertising your desire to meet up again through alumni magazines or a website, etc.

How do I find my lost high school classmates?

How to Find Lost Classmates for a ReunionPull out your old yearbook or contact your school to get a list of classmates from your year. Enter as much information as you into the spreadsheet. Search for classmates on popular social networking groups such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn.More items

How can I find my old classmates?

You can search for a specific person by using the Classmates® Search feature found at the top right corner of any page. From the drop-down menu next to the search option, select whether you wish to search through All People and Schools on the site, or within one of your specific schools.

How do I find out what high school someone went to?

How to Find Out Where People Went to SchoolLook for the person on social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace. Search on, comprehensive business information about people and companies. Browse through, a site that helps people reunite with old classmates.More items

How do I reconnect with my high school friends?

4 Ways to Reconnect with Old FriendsBe selective about the friends you want to reconnect with. Send out feelers. Tell them about it and see if theyre on board. Respect the fact that they may have changed a lot.5 Mar 2019

How can I find my classmates online?

You can find Classmates® communities (schools and colleges) using the Search feature found at the top right corner of every page. Type the name of the community in the search box and click the search icon. Your results will appear on the next page.

Should I reconnect with a high school friend?

Reconnecting with old friends teaches you a lot about friendship and human relations. At the same time, it teaches you a lot about yourself. Your old friends might not be as cool as they once were. Having such a big disappointment is not pleasant, but it will allow you to evaluate who you are in the present.

How can I find old friends on Facebook?

All you do to locate an old friend on Facebook is enter their name into the search field. If they are on Facebook and still have the same name, you should be able to find them. There are several ways to improve the search results, as well as ways to make your profile more visible to any friends who may search for you.

How can you find old friends?

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How can I find my school friends?

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How can I find high school friends online?

Using Online Sources to Find Friends. Look them up using social media. Search for your friend on Facebook or another social networking site. Just type their name into the search feature and see what you come up with.

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