Question: Did Derek Jeter dated Mariah Carey?

Pop superstar Mariah Carey and New York Yankee Derek Jeter dated for a short time in the late 90s, which she said was the catalyst for her divorce from Tommy Mottola. Carey opened up about her relationships in a conversation with Oprah on The Oprah Conversation.

How long did Mariah Carey and Derek Jeter dated?

The couple dated from 1997 to 1998, yet it was an enormously important relationship for Carey, who was coming off an allegedly emotionally abusive and controlling marriage to music exec Mottola. “It was so sensual,” Carey writes of their time together.

What happened between Mariah Carey and Derek Jeter?

Carey wrote of her time with Jeter that just like his position on the team, “our relationship was a short stop in my life.” She also revealed that he was just the second man she ever slept with. She noted was a weird coincidence since Jeter wore No. 2 for the Yankees. They broke up in 1998.

Why did Mariah and Tommy divorce?

Mottola, now 71, discovered Carey in 1988 and signed her to Columbia Records, which he headed at the time. They started dating in 1992 while she was recording her third album, Music Box, and got married the following year. Creative differences drove them apart, and they separated in 1997.

What did Mariah say about Derek Jeter?

My All is a bit more of a general love song, but Carey has now explained that the yearning in the lyrics was for Jeter. I am thinking of you / In my sleepless solitude tonight / If its wrong to love you / Then my heart just wont let me be right, she says.

Who is Derek Jeter married to?

Hannah Jeterm. 2016 Derek Jeter/Spouse

Where did Derek Jeter go to school?

University of Michigan Kalamazoo Central High School Derek Jeter/Education

Why is Nick Cannon so rich?

While he has earned much of his wealth from different gigs, he also got $10 million from the divorce. His skills have been the reason behind his growing wealth and he knows it. Cannon even described himself as the “hardest working man in Hollywood.”

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