Question: Can you get scammed on Gumtree?

Gumtree scams: How to spot fake messages and avoid Gumtree scams. Gumtree can be a great way to find somewhere to rent, to sell your unwanted items or to pick up a second-hand bike. But with any online space theres a risk of fraudsters being active and attempting to scam you out of your cash.

How safe is selling on Gumtree?

Is Gumtree safe? Millions of people use Gumtree every day and the vast majority have a safe and successful experience. The site is committed to educating the communities who use the platform and to keep the site as safe as possible.

Can I get my money back from Gumtree?

Using Gumtree is generally free, but we sometimes charge a fee for certain services. In case you would have paid a fee for the display of such ad, you may be entitled to a refund of such fee.

Is it safe to pay through PayPal on Gumtree?

When you receive payments using PayPal for your Gumtree sales, you are protected against unauthorised transactions.

Is it safe to give your address on Gumtree?

When you list the item, just put your suburb only in the listing and when youve made a deal for someone to buy your item, then give them your address. Its no different to selling an item in the paper 20 years ago. If youre still feeling uncomfortable, give them your street address and meet them outside your home.

Can you pay for items through Gumtree?

The payment methods you accept on Gumtree vary depending on whether youll be shipping items to customers or meeting buyers in person. Options include: PayPal. Credit card.

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