Question: Are there fees to join the connecting singles group?

How much does OurTime cost to join?

OurTime Membership CostsOurTime Membership FeesPlanFeaturesCostBasicCreate a profile with a photo & search by multiple parametersFreeStandard (6 months)Full mobile access & read messages and flirts$90 ($3.75/week)MonthlySame as Standard with a shorter term$29.96 ($7.49/week)1 more row•9 Jul 2021

Do you have to pay for OurTime dating site?

There is no need to buy more than our basic subscription, which enables you to have unlimited conversations, see all your views and likes, and ultimately find someone to love life with.

How much does OurTime UK cost?

How much is OurTime a month?SubscriptionLengthMonthly PricePremium Gold6 months£19.99 per monthPremium Light3 months£24.99 per monthPremium Starter1 month£39.99 (one payment)

What does the red dot mean on OurTime?

offline OurTime FAQ The red dot indicates that you are offline and not available to take messages. The green dot means that you are online and able to receive messages. If you would like to go offline and not answer messages, hit the green dot once.

How can you tell if someone is online on OurTime?

To the right of their profile details, click the Chat icon. If you dont see the icon, the member isnt currently online.

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