Question: What is Sam Winchesters favorite thing?

Who is Sams favorite singer?

2 He is a Fan of Elvis but Celine Dion is His Favorite Fans probably believed this to be true until season 14 when Jack cast a truth spell causing everyone to tell the truth whether they liked it or not. While under the influence of the truth spell, Sam revealed his favorite singer is in fact, Celine Dion.

Who was Sam Winchesters first crush?

Amy Amy was Sams first love. They met for a short time while Sam was in high school and the two hit it off immediately but were forced apart due to hunting. Sam found out that Amy was a kitsune, but at the time let her go instead of hunting her himself or telling his brother and father.

Does Sam Winchester ever fall in love?

Sam, who has fallen in love with Madison (his first love since Jessica), is faced with a broken-hearted Madison who has accepted her fate and asks him to kill her so she doesnt hurt anyone else (when she sleeps, she turns werewolf and kills, giving into her monstrous nature).

Why is Michael in Lucifers cage?

Michael was trapped in the Cage with Adam by Sam and was supposedly driven mad during his time with Lucifer. However, when God decided to end the world, he opened every door in Hell, including the door to the Cage, giving Michael the opportunity to leave.

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