Question: How do I get more matches on Badoo?

Why are there no matches on Badoo?

This means that a Badoo user has liked your profile! If you dont want to miss out on the match, you should open Badoo and play Encounters. Voting Yes on the same user will create a match. Unfortunately, if you already voted no on this user without realising, you wont be able to match with them.

How many matches do you get on Badoo?

While you can only see one encounter at a time, there is no limit to the number of matches you can connect with in one day.

How many swipes do you get per day on Badoo?

Extra tip: Become premium There is a Badoo swipe limit of 300 swipes right a day, and after reaching that limit in the free account, youll have to wait an extra 24h. However, you can lift that limit, and even get featured, by becoming premium for a small fee. See for yourself if it is worth it!

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