Question: Is Big Time Rush a good show?

The dynamic of the show is wonderful. BIG TIME RUSH is the best live action Nick show since Neds Declassified School Survival Guide, which isnt a shock since its from the same creator. The series tells the tale of four hockey playing teens from Minnesota who follow their dreams of becoming famous in Hollywood.

Was Big Time Rush successful?

With a hit television show, a splash of controversy and smashing success in both the charts and the box office, it seemed like Big Time Rush had all the winning ingredients for a long, fruitful life of fame. The group ended in 2013, along with the show, to give the band members time to work on their own music.

Why Big Time Rush is the best show?

Why It Rocks Big TimeThe plot is very creative, because it focuses on a real life band called Big Time Rush.The humor is very funny.The theme song is very nice, cool, and catchy.Very likable characters.Multiple guest stars featured in certain episodes including: The boys themselves are very cool and funny.More items

Did Big Time Rush lip sync?

Live or lip sync?: Big Time Rush alternated between hand-held microphones and headsets, and the vocal veracity followed suit. On the plus side, all four guys did well with the actual singing, and there was enough of it to avoid major censure. On the minus side, they did rely on canned tracks for part of the show.

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