Question: When to tell or not to tell someone with depression?

Is being rude a symptom of depression?

Similarly, when those suffering from depression are able to socialize, it can be very anxiety provoking. They are overwhelmed, and as a way of coping, they shut down and “go inside themselves.” This may appear to outsiders as being rude or snobbish.

What to tell someone who has been diagnosed with depression?

You can try something like, “I can see that this experience or these symptoms are really painful for you,” or, “Im sorry to hear that youre feeling unwell.” If you have experienced depression yourself, you might say, “I know how you feel.” Just remember that everyone experiences illnesses like depression differently,

What mental illness makes you rude?

Unfortunately, this is often the case for people with anxiety. Their mental health disorder causes them to act in a way that appears inappropriate or rude to others. However, the person is only reacting to their symptoms.

Can depression make you act out of character?

At times, symptoms like racing thoughts, paranoia and rock-bottom self-worth can make a person behave out of character. Sometimes, they can just come off as rude. And because of the stigma attached to mental illness, people can feel afraid to admit that they are acting up because their health is suffering.

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