Question: What year did the Singer Featherweight sewing machine come out?

1933:On October 3, 1933, Singer commissioned the first batch of 10,000 model 221 sewing machines, marketing them as the Singer Featherweight.

When were Featherweight sewing machines made?

Production. It is estimated that Singer produced and sold some 3.0–3.5 million Featherweight machines during the models lifetime. Production of the original Featherweight ended in 1961, but continued at Singer factories in Quebec and Scotland until 1969.

Is the Singer 301 a slant needle sewing machine?

The Singer 301a is an aluminum bodied full sized machine. It is also one of the first machines to use Singers proprietary slant shank foot system which paved the way for the newer Slant-O-Matics including the famous 401 series, 500 series (also known as Rocketeers) and later Touch and Sew models.

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