Question: Is Wave DSL or cable?

Wave Broadband is a cable-based network, which ensures that the television cables that already run to your home offer an internet connection as well. In general, you will get a cable modem or box that can be used to connect your in-home Wi-Fi router to their service.

What type of internet is wave G?

Gigabit fiber internet Gigabit fiber internet. With speeds from 100 Mbps up to a Gigabit per second*, Wave G is so fast it will spoil you for anything else.

Is wave a DSL?

However, Wave also offers fiber and copper internet in select areas, which means that even though Wave Broadband is primarily a cable internet provider, it also offers DSL and Fiber to a limited number of users.

How do I cancel Wave Broadband?

In order to cancel your Wave Broadband subscription, contact Customer Service at 1-866-928-3123.

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