Question: Who pays for the wedding in El Salvador?

Whos Involved in the Wedding Ceremony? According to the El Salvadoran tradition, its the grooms family thats supposed to pay for the wedding. They even buy a wedding dress for the bride. However, things have changed, and the brides family and friends also contribute to the wedding expenses.

Does El Salvador recognize common law marriage?

Response: According to a Political Officer of the Embassy of El Salvador in Washington, DC, the Family Code passed on December 13, 1993 legally recognizes common law marriages. Couples living together for three years enjoy the same rights in terms of property and child custody as all married couples.

Can a U.S. citizen have dual citizenship with El Salvador?

El Salvador has allowed dual nationality for Central Americans since 1950. Article 91 of the 1983 Constitution allows multiple nationalities as long as the other country also permits it.

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