Question: Are Jess and Martha still friends?

But in a YouTube video following the experiment, Martha, who is still married to Michael, revealed she actually had an awkward run in with Jess and Ines at an awards ceremony, and the trio arent friends anymore.

What happened between Martha and Jess?

Jessika and Marthas fall out started at the Logies Awards 2019, after Jess and Ines reportedly gate crashed the event and then picked an argument with their former BFF and co-star. They exchanged some tense words and Ines pretended to vomit on her.

Are Martha and Jess still friends from married at first sight?

Jessika Power and Martha Kalifatidis were best friends during their time on Married At First Sight, only to fall out after the show aired. But since rekindling their friendship, Jessika insists that the pair are still going strong despite her ongoing issues with Cyrell Paule.

Why did Martha and Jessika fall out?

Tensions escalated the following year after Martha said during an Instagram live video that shed rather have root canal surgery from now until the end of time than ever speak to Jess and Ines. She also remarked that those girls are not my people and wished them well for the future.

Are Ines and Jess friends?

Since the reunion, both Jess and Martha have started following each other on Instagram and seem to be mending their friendship. While one reality TV friendship is getting back on track, Jess has become estranged from Ines in the reunions aftermath.

Did Martha cheat on mafs?

Jessika Power embarked on a scandalous affair with Tamara Joys husband Dan Webb, behind Micks back. However, Martha has now revealed that Mick knew all about the affair and was not as shocked as he made out.

Did Jessika Power have a baby?

Im over the moon: Married At First Sight star Jessika Power reveals her surprise baby joy. She recently revealed shes had a difficult past few weeks in and out of doctors clinics. Im an aunty now so yes Ill be a little biased, she added underneath the photo of the adorable little baby boy.

Did Martha cheat on Michael?

Her co-stars Jessika and Ines also publicly accused Martha of cheating on Michael at the start of their relationship, but Martha strongly denied the allegations (via Daily Mail).

Is Michael and Martha still together?

Michael, youre single now. Do you. Martha and Michael fell in love on the 2019 season of MAFS and are on the shows success stories.

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