Question: Do you have to subscribe to Match?

You dont have to have a paid subscription to land a date on Weve ranked among the best free dating sites because its dating service gives singles the freedom to decide what they want and date at their own pace. Its free to join and see what the dating site has to offer.

Does match require a subscription?

You can test out a free membership and then try a paid subscription. gives away a good deal of its features for free. With a free subscription, you can browse, search for and view matches, create a profile, send and receive winks, use Match.coms message center and use their smartphone app.

Can you message matches on match for free?

Free users can browse profiles, search for and view matches, but they cant send messages to everyone. The site offers a seven-day free trial or a six-month subscription with an additional six months free guarantee, provided users dont meet anyone within their first subscription period.

How does Match subscription work?

A subscription allows you to send and receive messages, receive read receipts on those messages, and use profile boosts to stand out. A subscription is $38.99 for one month, $20.99 per month for three months, $18.99 per month for six months, or $17.99 per month for a year.

Is Match free now? is one of the oldest and most popular dating site out there, and many people wonder, “Is free?” The short answer is — yes. offers a free membership with unlimited browsing and matching features.

Can you cancel Match subscription?

Log on to the website. Select your account. Select the gear icon for Settings. Select Manage/cancel membership.

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