Question: Which layer is the oldest youngest?

The law of superposition states that rock strata (layers) farthest from the ground surface are the oldest (formed first) and rock strata (layers) closest to the ground surface are the youngest (formed most recently). A fossil is the remains or traces of plants and animals that lived long ago.

Which of the layers is the youngest?

The principle of superposition states that the oldest sedimentary rock units are at the bottom, and the youngest are at the top. Based on this, layer C is oldest, followed by B and A. So the full sequence of events is as follows: Layer C formed.

Which of these rock layers is the oldest youngest?

The bottom layer of rock forms first, which means it is oldest. Each layer above that is younger, and the top layer is youngest of all.

Which rock layer is the second oldest?

Relative rock layersLabelDescriptionLast before tiltThis was the last layer to be formed before the rocks tilted.Oldest rockThis rock layer is below all the others.Youngest rockThis is the youngest rock above all the others.Second-oldest rockThis rock layer is just above the oldest.2 more rows•14 Mar 2018

Where is the youngest rock?

The youngest rock in the Earths crust is found at recent volcanic eruptions and at mid-ocean ridges.

Where is the oldest rock in the ocean?

The oldest patch of undisturbed oceanic crust on Earth may lie deep beneath the eastern Mediterranean Sea – and at about 340 million years old, it beats the previous record by more than 100 million years.

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