Question: What is life like in Grand Rapids Michigan?

Grand Rapids is a safe and friendly city to live in. There are unlimited resources for health, entertainment, housing, and transportation. It is famous for its brewerys and good eats. Youll never run out of bars to spice up the night.

Is Grand Rapids a bad place to live?

Grand Rapids is a relatively safe city No matter where youre moving, you should probably get a sense of its crime rate beforehand. NeighborhoodScout sets Grand Rapids crime score at 19 out of 100 (with 100 being the safest possible score).

What kind of people live in Grand Rapids Michigan?

Grand Rapids DemographicsWhite: 67.23%Black or African American: 18.56%Other race: 5.72%Two or more races: 5.64%Asian: 2.43%Native American: 0.38%Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.04%

What is the cost of living in Grand Rapids MI?

Grand Rapids cost of living is 87.8COST OF LIVINGGrand RapidsMichiganOverall87.889.6Grocery95.293.4Health83.486Housing71.365.54 more rows

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