Question: Why is Kim Tae Hee considered beautiful?

When asked about facial features, Kim Tae-hee was deemed to have the most beautiful eyes, skin, and face shape. Han Ga-in had the most beautiful nose, and Song Hye-kyo had the most beautiful lips.

Is Kim Tae Hee rich?

With a combined wealth of 50bil won (S$62.4mil), Rain, 34, and Kim Tae Hee, 36, are known as Koreas wealthiest showbiz couple. Since the pair got married in January, Tae Hee has been living with Rain and his dad and younger sister in the pop stars family home in Cheongdam-dong.

Is Kim Tae Hee beautiful?

Whatever the actress secret may be, her looks dont look anywhere near even 35 years of age. Unarguably known as the most beautiful actress in the South Korean entertainment industry, Kim Tae Hee has been a part of many incredible shows and movies that have proven her acting talents.

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