Question: What does Natalie Joy do for a living?

Shes a surgical technologist. In case youre not familiar, it means that Natalie helps out in the operating room.

Where is Nick viall now?

As of now, Nick Viall is not in a relationship. But he is living in LA, and is the host of a wildly popular podcast The Viall Files, where he talks all things relationships and dating. And he also runs his own business called Natural Habits, which has created a line of essential oils.

Who does Kaitlyn Bristowe end up with?

Shawn Booth The 11th season of the Bachelorette kicked off with a bang (there were two Bachelorettes, ICYMI) and ended with Kaitlyns engagement to contestant Shawn Booth. The personal trainer got along so well with Kaitlyn that he won her heart in the final episode, with a Neil Lane ring to match.

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