Question: Why are most men attracted to tattoo artists?

Is the tattoo industry male dominated?

Like most industries, the tattoo industry has been overwhelmingly male. The earliest known tattoo dates back to Otzi the Iceman, who lived around 3300 B.C. Fast-forward a few thousand years, and most Western women (outside of the circus) didnt get tattooing done until the 1920s, for permanent makeup.

What percentage of people find tattoos attractive?

CharacteristicMoreNo differenceAttractive16%48%Sexy15%52%Spiritual9%71%Respectable7%66%3 more rows•10 Feb 2016

Are Most tattoo artists male?

Tattoo Artist Statistics and Facts in the US. 25.0% of all tattoo artists are women, while only 71.3% are men. The average age of an employed tattoo artist is 41 years old. The most common ethnicity of tattoo artists is White (66.2%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (13.8%) and Black or African American (12.2%).

What percent of tattoo artists are male?

41% 59% of tattoo artists are female and 41% are male.

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