Question: How do you play an AUX?

How do you play music through an AUX cord?

You simply plug the adapter into your cassette player, then connect it to your phone via the attached 3.5mm auxiliary cable. Then play whatever youd like from your phone, and youll hear it through your cars stereo. Reviews vary for these, but this Arsvita cassette adapter should work fine, and wont break the bank.

Why is my music not playing through AUX?

Check to see if the AUX cord is firmly connected to both devices. If this does not work and are only two rings, your cord is not compatible. If there are three rings, replace the auxiliary cord. If this does not work, the problem may be with the auxiliary cord jack and you may need to replace it.

What is AUX input on speakers?

AUX connections (input or output) Alongside the inputs for various players such as Blu-ray players and connections for the speakers themselves, the most important input on the amplifier or compact system is called AUX or auxiliary. This is simply an audio input to which you can connect players of your choice.

Why is my Spotify not working on AUX?

If your aux or USB cable isnt working, make sure its the correct cable for your device. If youre connecting via USB cable, make sure your cars media system is updated to the latest firmware version. You can also try these alternative ways to play Spotify in your car.

How can I play Spotify in my car without aux?

For Android Auto, start your car, plug your phone into the USB port, and play Spotify. For CarPlay for iOS, start your car and make sure Siri is on. Plug your phone into the USB port or connect wirelessly. Then, on your iPhone, go to “Settings,” then “General,” then “CarPlay.” Select your car and get listening!

Why is my aux cord not working iPhone?

Restart your iOS device and your car. Connect your iOS device to a different stereo USB port (if you have one). Try a different Lightning to USB cable. Update your iOS device.

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