Question: Is antique brass worth anything?

Is Vintage brass worth anything?

Its true that brass – even what you might consider scrap – can net you some cash. Many people have brass around: ornaments, key rings, old brass instruments, candle holders, hardware, or even shell casings can be worth money. If youre looking to unload some brass, you have a couple options: selling or pawning.

Are brass figures worth anything?

Generally, vintage examples of mass-produced bookends can be found between $5 and $50, depending on the venue. Brass figurines make attractive décor items and many brass items were produced with a practical use in mind, so many of the antiques can still be used for their intended purpose.

How can you tell brass markings?

Generally the most effective way to distinguish brass from copper is by color: copper typically exhibits the color of a new penny--kind of an orange, almost reddish color. Brass has much more yellow to its shade, more like gold. Examine your brass antique item to locate the makers mark.

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