Question: How do I contact a trademe member?

If you cant find what youre looking for, you can contact our Customer Experience team via the Get in touch with us link at the bottom of a Help article. Well also have our team available to help via our live chat service, which youll see on our Contact Us page, seven days a week.

Does Trade Me have a contact phone number?

We no longer have a phone number that you can call us on. Were available in live chat, 7 days a week.

How do I find a member on Trade Me?

To search by seller, scroll to members in the search area and type in the name, in my case turnerschch. You can also save favourite sellers; find them in the third tab in the my favourites window.

How do I complain to Trade Me?

Get in touch with us via our support channels, and select the area that your complaint relates to. Please include: Details of the issue. Your preferred outcome.

How do I email Trade Me?

Add,, and and to your contact or safe-sender lists. Some email providers have limited storage – check your inbox isnt full by sending yourself an email.

What is a ping payment?

Ping is a payment method that lets you make or receive instant payments. This can be done via credit or debit cards, bank transfer, or Ping balance. Ping is only available across Marketplace categories.

Can Trade Me change username?

Update your username Generally, we wont change a username. However, if youre a new member and have used your full name, its possible we may be able to change it. You can update your contact and address details, email address, member profile, and password through My Trade Me.

How does Trade Me show economic growth?

Summary of Shamubeel Eaqubs report on Trade Me Trade Me is 3.5x more productive than the wider New Zealand economy. Trade Mes productivity is ranked in the top 10 of industries. In 2018, Trade Me contributed an estimated $225m to the New Zealand economy – a significant contribution for a single business.

How do I get my money back from Trade Me?

If a trade doesnt work out, you can apply for a refund of the success fee. Well email the buyer and will email you the outcome within three days. Refunds will appear in your Trade Me account right away. You can only request a refund through this process for 40 days after the listing closes.

What happens if you get scammed on Trade Me?

If we decide to refund you under Buyer Protection, your money will usually be returned to the source (either your card, bank account or Ping balance) used to purchase the item. When weve returned your money to you, well debit the sellers Ping balance or Pay Now / Afterpay account.

How do I live chat on trademe?

Live chat. Were here to help on live chat, 7 days a week. When were online, youll be able to select Chat at the bottom of the Contact Us page.

How do I blacklist someone on trademe?

Add or remove members to your BlacklistHead to My Trade Me.Select My blacklistEnter the username of the member youd like to blacklist.

How do I dispute on trademe?

You can make contact by filing a dispute report. Well consider your situation, and if you meet the below eligibility criteria and we believe your situation is appropriate, well refund you if an item: hasnt been delivered by the seller (non-delivery) or.

Is it safe to pay for a car by bank transfer?

Never hand over the vehicle keys or documentation until your bank has confirmed the full value of the vehicle has cleared into your bank account. Online bank transfer is one of the safest ways to pay as it avoids handling large amounts of cash and the problems associated with cheques.

How do I get money out of ping?

If a buyer pays with Ping, their payment will instantly appear in your Ping balance, less a 1.95% transactional fee. You can leave it there to pay for Trade Me purchases, or transfer it to your bank account.

How do I change my bank account on trademe?

If you have an existing verified bank account, you can change your bank account from My Trade Me. To activate your new bank account: Look for the $0.01 that weve paid into your bank account, along with a six-digit reference code. Once youve got the code – enter it through Pay Now registration in My Trade Me.

How do I find my old listings on trademe?

You can search for expired listings on our desktop site by selecting the down arrow to the right of the magnifying glass on the search bar and select Search expired listings.

What is New Zealands main source of income?

Trade. Agricultural products—principally meat, dairy products, and fruits and vegetables—are New Zealands major exports; crude oil and wood and paper products are also significant. The major imports are crude and refined oil, machinery, and vehicles.

Is Switzerland a free market economy?

The economy of Switzerland is one of the worlds most advanced free market economies. The service sector has come to play a significant economic role, particularly the Swiss banking industry and tourism.

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