Question: Whats the best thing to do for over 50s?

How can I have fun at 50?

Educate yourselfTake a language course. Aside from the fun of it, learning a new language is always great since you never know when you might encounter the need for such. Learn arts and crafts. Learn restoration. Study photography. Learn to play a musical instrument. Learn to cook. Study the humanities. Watch documentaries.

Is it normal to have aches and pains in your 50s?

When youre past 50, some ailments can announce themselves suddenly and painfully. And aches and ouches you might not worry much about when youre younger could be a sign of bigger problems in middle age.

Is it normal to get aches and pains in your 50s?

Many times though, aching joints and muscles are simply the effects of age. As we get older, the natural tendency is for our muscles to get smaller and lose some of their strength. Our bones also start to get weaker over time.

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