Question: How can you tell if a Royal Doulton is a second?

The second method is to score a line through the backstamp, with two separate ways seen here - the line is horizontal through the words Royal Doulton or diagonally across the entire backstamp, either way making it obvious that it has been purposely done to show the product is a seconds.

What do the numbers mean on Royal Doulton?

Pattern numbers occur on most Doulton ware and can be used to establish the date a pattern was first introduced. Some patterns, however, were long-lived and whilst the pattern number can establish the earliest possible date of a piece, the date of last use of a pattern is seldom if ever known.

Is all Royal Doulton marked?

Virtually all Doulton tableware has a black printed Royal Doulton mark or backstamp applied to the underside of the ware.

What is HN on Royal Doulton?

HN is named after Harry Nixon (1886–1955), head of the Royal Doulton painting department who joined Doulton in 1900. This list includes the HN number, the title of the Royal Doulton figurine, the designer(s), the date introduced, and if discontinued, the date discontinued.

Is Doulton the same as Royal Doulton?

Royal Doulton Tableware Ltd was a subsidiary of Doulton & Co. Ltd, itself a subsidiary of the Pearson Group Doulton & Co. became Royal Doulton plc in 1993. Pearson spun off Royal Doulton in 1993.

How do you know if a Toby jug is valuable?

How to tell if a Toby Jug is Valuable.Take a look at the colour, bright colours are normally late 19 century, but biscuit colours point to an older jug.Look at the thickness of the moulding, the thicker the moulding, the newer the jug.Look at the base, and if he has hollow feet, then almost certain before 1840.More items

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