Question: Is interpal free?

Meet people with InterPals, the original culture and language exchange community with 5 million users. Practice languages with native speakers to learn English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Turkish and hundreds more), all for FREE!

How do I cancel my interpal account?

How do I delete my account? To permanently remove your account from the InterPals web site, visit the account deletion page.

Is InterPals safe for kids?

Overall, InterPals (or InterPals Penpals) is safe (and perhaps more convenient). Ive been on Interpals for a year, and have messaged a couple of teenagers who are around my age.

Is having a pen pal good?

Having a pen pal promotes many key skills, including reciprocation (a letter filled with all me and no questions does not make for a good pen pal relationship!), empathy and mutual concern. It also fosters the ability to search for and find common bonds, a key element of true friendship.

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