Question: What does TG stand for in online dating?

What does TG mean on dating sites?

TG means Thank God or Transgender or Too Good So now you know - TG means Thank God or Transgender or Too Good - dont thank us.

What does tg stand for?

AcronymDefinitionTGThank GodTGThats GoodTGThat GuyTGThanksgiving94 more rows

What is TG meeting?

The TSN TG agenda gives precedence to formally submitted maintenance requests on published standards, approved projects, PAR (Project Authorization Request) development previously approved by the IEEE 802.1 WG, and other matters arising, in that order. Participation in TSN TG meetings is on individual basis.

What does FTG mean?

FTGAcronymDefinitionFTGFlash the GashFTGFree the Guys (band)FTGFirst Time GoFTGFlying Training Group31 more rows

What does TG mean on jewelry?

TG stand for Toms Gold.

What does TG mean in health?

List of medical abbreviations: TAbbreviationMeaningTGtriglyceridesTGLtriglyceridesTgthyroglobulinTGFtumor growth factor133 more rows

Is XL and 0XL the same?

We are sorry to make you confused. This item has regular size which is S, M, L and 0XL(Labeled XL), and plus size which is 1XL, 2XL,and 3XL. 0XL(Labeled XL) belongs to regular size, so the size of 0XL and 1XL is different.

What does TG mean on a bracelet?

TG stand for Toms Gold.

What does 925 Tg mean on jewelry?

These rings have “925” stamped on them, meaning that they are not made of solid gold. 925 is a standard sign used to mark sterling silver, and the meaning of the stamp is that the silver content in the piece is 92.5% (i.e., the remaining 7.5% is comprised of other elements).

What does a low Tg mean?

At temperatures below the Tg, the molecular chains do not have enough energy present to allow them to move around. The lower slope below the Tg is due to the lower heat capacity for the amorphous polymer. Above the Tg, the rubbery, flexible polymer has a higher heat capacity.

What is TC in medical terms?

Abbreviation for T-cytotoxic cells.

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