Question: Is there a dating site for athletic people?

Introducing Sweatt. Sweatt is a dating app for people who treat fitness as a lifestyle, allowing gym-goers to connect with people who have a similar dedication to staying in shape. So if you spend so much of your time working out that you cant find anyone to date you, Sweatt might be your answer.

How do I meet a fit guy?

Where to Meet Fit GuysRunning groups. Most running stores have these, and they are usually free to join up with. Volunteer at fit events. Also try volunteering at races and other athletic events. Get involved. Find organizations that stress fitness and activity.8 Oct 2010

How can I get fit friends?

Making new fit friends doesnt have to be hard, but you do have to know where to look .13 Best Places to Make New Friends That Are FitGroup exercise class. Running or walking groups. Active volunteering. Adult sports leagues. Gym. Skill-based classes. Athletic apparel stores. Online.More items •5 Jun 2014

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