Question: How do you match on Plenty of Fish?

When two members of POF like each other and both swipe right – theyre mutually matched. Swiping left and right has become a standard way to express liking and disliking in the word of online dating. If both users say yes, then the app matches them and opens up a mutual chat.

Is POF same as match?

Match is the first dating site in the world and also one of the most popular. POF has also been around for some time, although its much younger than Match. This free online dating service caters to a vast audience but attracts a lot of members whore more interested in casual dating and hookups.

Which is better Match or POF?

While Match is best for long term relationships with the intent of marriage, PoF takes the title for ease of use, a wider range of features for free, cheaper Premium upgrades, better reviews, and much, much more.

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