Question: Who did Joey Essex cheat on Sam Faiers with?

Sam Faiers reveals she slept with Mark Wright at 16, brands Joey Essex s**t in bed and seethes over Lauren Goodger.

What happened between Sam and Joey?

Following their split, Sam told The Sun that she needed to part ways with her former beau for the sake of her sanity, claiming that Joey had never been made to grow up. Thats why we had to break up, for the sake of my sanity.

Who did Sam Faiers date in TOWIE?

Paul Knightley (2014–) Sam Faiers/Partner

Who did Joey Essex used to date?

Joey dated Towie co-star Sam Faiers from 2011. Joey and Sam were one of the original Essex duos, and were together on and off for three years before ending the relationship for good in September, 2014. Joey proposed to Sam in 2012, to which she said yes.

Did Mark Wright go out with Sam Faiers?

Sam confessed in her autobiography, published in 2012, that she first met Mark Wright after spotting him on MySpace. The pair then briefly dated during their time on TOWIE with Mark comforting her after she was beaten up, but she later dumped him before he left to go and appear on Im A Celebrity

Who is older Billie or Sam?

Billie was born Billie Leigh Faiers in Brentwood, Essex, to parents Suzanne Sue Wells and Lee Faiers. Her birthday is on January 15, 1990. She has a younger sister, Sam, who also used to star on Towie. Billie joined the second series of the reality show, after her sister Sam had been a big hit on the first season.

Whats the age gap between Sam and Billie?

Sam and Billie were actually born in the same year 1990, but with Sams birthday on December 31st theres still a 12-month age gap.

What is Billie Shepards real name?

Billie Leigh Faiers Billie ShepherdBornBillie Leigh Faiers 15 January 1990 Brentwood, Essex, EnglandOccupationTelevision personalityYears active2010–presentTelevisionThe Only Way Is Essex Sam & Billie: The Mummy Diaries Dancing on Ice3 more rows

Did Joey sleep with Rita Ora?

THE former girlfriend of reality TV star Joey Essex has split from him after he spent a wild night out with Rita Ora, we can reveal. There is no suggestion Joey slept with the Hot Right Now singer but Lorena has not spoken to him since the row which prompted them to agree to end their romance.

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