Question: What is dating code Tinder?

Some of the sites reference “date codes,” which are purportedly codes you can provide your date so they can confirm youre a verified Tinder user. Sites even promise that, after youre verified, you can receive the contact information from another verified Tinder user who is posing in her lingerie.

Why would I receive a Tinder code?

That just means someone is using your phone number to complete 2-factor verification. They wont succeed, but someone is using your number. Could be a typo in the phone number, or could be someone just using your phone number on purpose for whatever reason.

What is Tinder code check?

1. Tinder Account Verification Code Scam. The Tinder account verification scam involves a match asking whether you have verified your profile on the app. The match, who is actually a bot, then asks you to verify your account through a link that they provide.

How do I find my Tinder code?

Open Tinder and tap the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button. Fill in your second phone number with the country and area code. Get your Tinder verification code from Private Line app and fill it on Tinder. Finish your profile and you can start your communication with strangers on Tinder without your real phone number exposed.

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