Question: How do I contact Smooth Radio?

Click here to send us your story. To contact our Customer Support Team, please use the Support, Chat or ? button on the screen. If you prefer to speak to us – the team are here to help on 0333 200 2000, or you can contact them via Twitter and Instagram on @GlobalSupport.

What is Smooth Radio email address?

Contact Smooth Radio LondonPostal address30 Leicester Square London WC2H 7LAOfficial emailfirstname.lastname@global.comMain emailinfo@global.com2 more rows

Do Smooth Radio do requests?

Do you have something to celebrate? If so, your Smooth Breakfast wants to hear from you. If you want to wish somebody a very happy birthday, or have a message to send to a loved one, simply get in touch via the form below. Listen to Smooth Breakfast every weekday morning from 6am - 10am.

What is the Smooth Radio number?

You can select Smooth Radio on DAB digital radio, or listen via 97-108 FM.

Where is Smooth FM broadcast from?

Smooth 91.5 (call sign: 3PTV) is a commercial radio station based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Whats happened to smooth radio?

The refresh has happened following the purchase of GMG Radio by Global Radio, owners of Classic FM, Capital FM, Gold, Heart and Xfm. Global Radio have opted to replace Smooth Radio with “A service featuring music from the 70s, 80s and early 90s with particular appeal to audiences aged 35-54“.

How old is Smooth FM?

Smooth 98.1FM hit the airwaves on November 14, 2009 as the first digital equipped radio station in Lagos, Nigeria. We are a 24-hour, regional and commercial music station offering a mix of soul, jazz, funk, old school and world music.

Why cant I get smooth radio on my digital radio?

If youve lost Smooth on your DAB radio, its because it has moved to local multiplexes (bundles of stations). If you were listening in and around London up until Monday, March 3rd, your DAB radio would have been picking up Smooth on a national multiplex.

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