Question: Can you date a millionaire on a dating site?

Seeking Arrangement. Seeking Arrangement is a fantastic millionaire dating website. The platform provides a space for consenting adults to find a relationship where members immediately define the terms of the relationship. Its specifically designed to help wealthy men who want to date attractive women or vice versa.

Are millionaire dating sites legit? has been active since the year 2001. It has been featured in many credible websites. It would be safe to say that it is a legitimate dating website.

What does a green circle mean on Millionaire Match?

First, heres how it used to be: – If there was a solid green dot next to someones username, it meant that they had been online in the last 24 hours. On a profile goes into hibernation after the user has not logged in for two months.

Is MillionaireMatch just for millionaires?

The site is constantly on the run, as there are more than 2,700 logins daily. Most users are between 35 and 54 years of age, which shows that it truly is only for those who are successful adults. There are wealthy lawyers, doctors, and CEOs you can find at Millionaire Match.

Is MillionaireMatch for Sugar Babies?

MillionaireMatch has had a strict No Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies policy since it was first launched.

Is the green dot on match accurate?

People use dating sites and dating apps, but they dont live on them. If you limit yourself to just the green dots (all green dot people are considered “online”), you are potentially leaving up to 75% of your potential matches behind.

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