Question: What is special about Yokohama?

With only a population of 600, the small village Yokohama started to become widely known to its own country and the world, when its port first opened in 1859. Since then, Yokohama has been taking hold its business function as a modern trading city, pursuing export of Japanese silk and tea.

Why do people go to Yokohama?

The people are content and have pride in the city. Many new things from abroad came through Yokohama first, like beer and beef. Yokohama is cheaper and the transportation system is easier. The ocean is close and since I have kids, the zoos are nice.

What does Yokohama mean in English?

horizontal beach Yokohama (横浜) means horizontal beach.

Is Sapporo safe?

Sapporo is definitely considered one of the safest cities in the world, according to the safety score which is above 90. Travelers would feel safe there and can enjoy their journey.

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