Question: Is Plano Texas gay friendly?

Is Marfa Texas gay-friendly?

Along with delicious eateries, you can find some great shopping in Marfa that offer everything the proper gay gentleman needs. Again, be sure to check the stores Facebook pages or websites to see if theyre open. If theres something youve absolutely got to have, many of the stores even open up by appointment.

Is Amarillo Texas gay-friendly?

The good news is that Amarillo raised its score in the “Municipal Equality Index,” which is a ranking of cities according to “LGBTQ equality.” The MEI assesses “LGBTQ equality in 506 cities across the nation, including 25 in Texas.”

Is Fredericksburg Texas gay-friendly?

From old-world landmarks to low-key boutique hotels, Fredericksburg has gay-friendly accommodations for any travel style. You can stay in the thick of things close to downtown, or look for secluded hotels offering plush amenities and stunning views.

Is Oak Cliff in Dallas safe?

Despite it having its fair share of tourist attractions, Oak Cliff isnt a safe place to be. The relatively high violent crime rate means that you are more likely to be robbed or assaulted here than in most other parts of the country.

Is Deep Ellum safe?

Deep Ellum has always been a marginally safe area. The main streets with the rows of bars/clubs/restaurants are fine, but the alleys, parking lots and side streets can be pretty dark at night. Yes, there fairly frequent incidents of muggings and purse snatchings after dark.

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