Question: Is Fishbowl completely anonymous?

Are you anonymous on Fishbowl?

Unlike some networks, Fishbowl requires confirmation of ones employer via a valid work email, so its not quite anonymous. But users have the option of hiding their names, and many do just that.

How do I hide my name on Fishbowl?

You can control your public profile settings within the application by going to your Fishbowl profile by tapping Me icon on the bottom right corner, and then tapping the Settings icon on the top right hand corner and selecting Privacy.

What industries are on fishbowl?

Fasteners.Firearms.Food & Beverage.Furniture & Home Décor.Gas & Oil.Government & Military.Health & Beauty.High Tech Manufacturing.

Who started fishbowl?

Nathan Dalah Nathan Dalah, Nic Pestalozzi and Casper Ettelson started with one idea and one shopfront in Sydneys famous Bondi back in 2016 — now there is a Fishbowl sashimi bar in seven locations across greater Sydney, with plans to make a move nationally in the near future.

How do you start a fishbowl?

How?Choose a central text. Begin by selecting four or five students to join the fishbowl group. Instruct the outer circle to remain quiet, observe and take notes on the content and process of the inner circles discussion.The first few times, play the role of the facilitator yourself.More items

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