Question: What are the 5 signs of mental illness?

What are the warning signs of poor mental health?

Early signs of poor mental healthpoor concentration.being easily distracted.worrying more.finding it hard to make decisions.feeling less interested in day-to-day activities.low mood.feeling overwhelmed by things.tearfulness.More items

What triggers a mental illness?

Mental illness itself occurs from the interaction of multiple genes and other factors -- such as stress, abuse, or a traumatic event -- which can influence, or trigger, an illness in a person who has an inherited susceptibility to it.

What are 5 good mental health signs?

and that your mental health is in a good shape:You understand that the fluctuations in your mental health are natural. You feel good. Theres a sense of belonging. You cope up with your circumstances well. You do say no to people. You have healthy relationships. You dont try to please everyone.More items •Jul 13, 2020

What are personal triggers?

Emotional triggers, also called mental health triggers or psychological triggers, are things (e.g. memories, objects, people) that spark intense negative emotions. This change in emotions can be abrupt, and in most cases it will feel more severe than what the trigger would logically call for.

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