Question: Can Niko get married in GTA 4?

Niko assures him that his is on his way. Later, Niko arrives at the church and witnesses Roman and Mallorie get married.

How many girlfriends can Niko have?

Niko Bellic has a total of five possible girlfriends in GTA 4. Two of them are story-related (Michelle, Kate), while three are entirely optional (Carmen, Kiki, and Alex). Relationships can even result in rewards.

What happens to Niko at the end of GTA 4?

He now lives in Broker, still working as a taxi driver for Bellic Cab Service, and still in contact with Mallorie Bardas, Little Jacob, and Brucie Kibbutz who all liked his latest status, and a Happy Birthday note for Roman which was posted recently.

Who did Niko marry?

Personal life. Niko is married to singer-songwriter Anna Moon.

How old is Niko gta4?

43 Spoiler warning!Niko BelicAppearance(s):Grand Theft Auto IV The Lost and Damned The Ballad of Gay Tony Grand Theft Auto V(multiplayer)Gender:MaleStatus:AliveDate of birth:January 13, 1978 (age 43)10 more rows

Who betrayed Niko in GTA 4?

Darko Brevic Darko Brevic explaining why he betrayed Niko and his friends and the price paid for him to do so, in That Special Someone. A thousand. Darko Brevic (Serbian: Дарко Бревић, Darko Brević) is a central character and the tertiary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Who is Niko Bellic girlfriend?

Niko Bellic will have two girlfriends in the main plot, which are Michelle and Kate.

Is CJ Franklins dad?

So, Franklins mum was, in my theory, actually just an affair of CJ, so Franklin actually got raised by his non-biological father, who leaved the family early. His mom died, after doing some research, in 1993, after that he was send to live with his grand-parents.

Is Roman Bellic dead?

If Niko decides to strike a deal, Dimitri betrays Niko again during the mission and was forced to steal the money afterwards, he sends an assassin to kill Niko at Romans and Mallories wedding. Niko fights and kills the assassin, but in the struggle, Roman is accidentally shot in the chest and killed.

Who killed Kate in GTA 4?

Jimmy Pegorino If Revenge is chosen, Kate is happy that Niko decided to kill Dimitri rather than do the deal, she attends Romans and Mallories wedding with Niko, during the wedding Kate is accidentally killed by Jimmy Pegorino (who was aiming for Niko) and Niko takes revenge on Pegorino for Kates death.

Did Karen actually like Niko?

Despite her intentions, it appears as though Karen genuinely fell for Niko during their time together. This is due to the fact that she is sometimes surprised, upset and genuinely happy when talking to Niko, and after a fair amount of dates, Niko doesnt have to ask to be invited inside.

Does Kate ever sleep with Niko?

At first, Packie tells Niko to stay away from her, but later encourages Niko to go out with Kate. She holds traditional values, and according to Patrick, she wont put out .Kate McReary.CHARACTER Kate McRearyMain affiliation:McReary Family Niko BellicVoiced by:Mary Donnelly11 more rows

What is the Lampadati Michelli GT in real life?

The design of the Lampadati Michelli GT is based on a real life Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTV, Lancia Fulvia Coupé.

What is Michelles favorite activity GTA 4?

Michelle[2]Edit Vehicle Preference: Michelle likes almost any vehicle, excluding police cars, trucks, and beaters. Venue Preference: Michelle likes any venue, though her favorites are bowling, darts, pool, the Burger Shot restaurant, diners, and the Cluckin Bell restaurant.

Who killed Kate McReary?

Jimmy Pegorino After Niko kills Dimitri to avenge Roman, Kate calls him, telling him that she heard of his cousins death, and will be there for him. If Revenge is chosen, she is killed by Jimmy Pegorino (who was aiming for Niko) at Romans wedding.

Is CJ in GTA V?

8 Easter Eggs That Proves Carl CJ Johnson Is STILL ALIVE In GTA 5 & Living In Los Santos!

Why is CJ not in GTA V?

Other than a carefully placed Easter egg, theres no reference to C.J. at all, this is because GTA V is in HD era while San Andreas was in the 3D era. According to @CaulynDarr the only character that has appeared in both GTA: SA and GTA V is Lazlow. He is in all the games.

What car is the Michelli GT?

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTV Grand Theft Auto Online The Michelli GT is a 2-door 1960s sports coupe based primarily on a Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTV, with other styling taken from a Lancia Fulvia Coupé.

How much is the Michelli GT?

The Michelli GT can be purchased in GTA Online from Southern S.A. Super Autos for a price of $1,225,000.

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