Question: Is VK a safe website?

Is VK safe to use?

We want you to always feel safe on VK and have access to credible information. There is no room for bullying, threats of violence or terrorist propaganda on VK. If you find any inappropriate content, it is easy to let us know about it both on the apps and the desktop version of the website.

Why is VK blocked?

On 18 November 2013, following an order from the Court of Rome, VK was blocked in Italy after a complaint from Medusa Film stating that it was hosting an illegal copy of one of its films. In January 2016, China banned VKontakte, claiming that it was manipulating web content and cooperating with the Kremlin.

How do you get unblocked on VK?

How to unblock VK with a VPNDownload NordVPN and get a subscription.Connect to a server in the chosen location.All set – Vkontakte is now unlocked!

How can I register a VK without phone number?

How to create VK account without a phone number?Open out the registration form.Enter your mobile phone number. How to sign up for VK without phone number and bypass phone verification?Create a password.Add your profile details.28 Feb 2020

What does VK drink mean?

Vodka Kick, an alcoholic beverage sold in the UK. Voight-Kampff machine, in the science fiction film Blade Runner.

Why cant VK use my phone number?

As on every social platform nowadays, VK also requires your mobile phone number for verification purposes. Your phone number will not be publicly displayed on VK.

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