Question: Is Nelly and Ms Jackson still together?

Check out photos of them during happy times over their seven years together. Its over between rapper Nelly and his longtime girlfriend Shantel Jackson.

Is Nelly and Shantel Jackson still together?

Nelly and Shantel Jackson have split after six years together. The Hot In Here rappers long-time girlfriend has confirmed the pair have gone their separate ways but remain on good terms. He gushed at the time: I would not want my life to not have Shantel in it. Weve been seeing each other for five or six years.

Is Nelly engaged?

Rapper Nelly Finally Gets Engaged To Boxing Superstar Floyd Mayweathers Ex Girlfriend. Rapper Nelly proposed last night to his girlfriend Shantel Jackson who is apparently the ex of the boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather, who was found unrespons

Does Nellie have a girlfriend?

It looks like Nelly is back on the market. The rappers longtime girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, revealed that she and Nelly are dunzo by responding to a fan question on Instagram about their relationship status.

Why did Nelly and Lashontae split?

Back in June, Ashanti opened up about their relationship and whether or not they broke up because Nelly cheated on her. She told talk-show host Arsenio Hall: “I mean, listen…things happen, people get hurt, people have resentment, people carry old things with them. Things just happen in real life.

Who is Lashontae heckard dating?

Brandon Jennings Tae Heckard/Partner

Is Brandon Jennings married?

Tae Heckard Brandon Jennings/Partner

Does Stefon Diggs have a child?

Diggs also has two older half-siblings, a half-sister named Porsche and a half-brother named Aron. Diggs has a daughter named Nova.

Who is Brandon Jennings dating now?

Tae Heckard Brandon Jennings/Partner

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