Question: Who owns the Irish Times Trust?

What does Murdoch own in Ireland?

Rupert Murdoch looks set to add to his already enormous media empire with the purchase of Wireless Group. Wireless Group controls several major Irish radio stations, including FM104 and Q102 in Dublin. The group also controls Corks C103 and 96FM, Limericks Live 95FM, Belfasts U105 and LMFM in Leinster.

Is The Irish Times state owned?

1900: The Irish Times becomes a public company, but the Arnott family continue as majority shareholders until the 1960s. 1922: The Irish Free State is established and The Irish Times shifts to an independent political line.

Who is the largest private landowner in Ireland?

The member of the family with the biggest estate in Ireland is Garech Browne, son of Oonagh Guinness and Lord Oranmore. The colourful founder of Claddagh Records owns 6,000 acres at Luggala in the heart of the Wicklow mountains.

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