Question: What is the concept of arranged marriage?

What is an arranged marriage meaning?

: a marriage in which the spouses are chosen for each other by their parents.

What is the purpose of an arranged marriage?

With roots in Indian and Oriental cultures, arranged marriages were made to maintain the status quo and continue to serve that function. Less popular now in western cultures, arranged marriages were common, especially within royalty.

What is the process of arranged marriages?

An arranged marriage is a marriage arranged by someone other than the persons getting married, curtailing or avoiding the process of courtship. The match could be selected by a matchmaking agent, marriage websites, or trusted third party.

What do you think about arranged marriage?

Arranged marriages can work very well when the parents do care about the feelings of their children, and make a strong effort to wisely choose partners that will really be a good match. Like Jenniferrr, I think that the divorce rate in the West is probably tied to our inflated expectations for romance and sex.

What do you mean by love marriage?

A love marriage is a marriage of two individuals based upon mutual love, affection, commitment and attraction. Depending on the culture, love marriages may be unpopular or frowned upon.

What religion believes in arranged marriages?

Arranged marriage is more of a cultural belief than a religious belief, but many religions across the world routinely conduct arranged marriages. Most Islamic, Indian and Asian countries believe in arranging the marriages of their children.

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