Question: Is meet an inmate legit?

This website is legit. You can interact with real inmates doing time. You can write them via snail mail or jpay, corrlinks etc. (those sites are what the prisons use for their email service).

How do you tell if an Inmate is using you?

It is a pretty common occurrence in prison. One certain way to tell hes *trying* to take advantage of you is if hes asking you to do something you both know youre not allowed to do, or hes asking for something you both know hes not allowed to have. Also pay attention to who he makes requests of in general.

How can I track an Inmate?

For information about locating, contacting, visiting and corresponding with Californias prison inmates use the Inmate Locator or call the Identification Unit at (916) 445-6713.

Can Inmate see my address on JPay?

Information provided by you to open a JPay account, such as your name, address, phone number, and Bank card information are retained in the JPay database.

What happens if an Inmate is found with a phone?

The maximum penalty on conviction for possession of a mobile phone is two years imprisonment or a fine or both. Possession of a mobile phone in prison is a serious offence. Where there is sufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction, the public interest will normally require a prosecution.

What to do if an inmate is being mistreated?

If Your Loved One is Being MistreatedFile a formal complaint directly with the facility in question. Contact the Department of Corrections office if the issue remains unresolved.Contact your governor.More items •7 Apr 2021

What human rights do prisoners lose?

Many of the rights under the Human Rights Act are limited or removed when you are sent to prison. Some examples are the right to liberty, freedom from forced labour and the right to vote (for some prisoners). These rights do not apply in the same way to people in prison as they do to people in the community.

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