Question: Is it OK to date your ex-boyfriends best friend?

You may just be curious about your exs best friend, and maybe itll even go somewhere real if they happen to be interested as well. In any event, if the split was amicable, its always best practice to respect someones wishes, so if theyre okay with it, its totally acceptable.

Can you date your ex-boyfriends friend?

Dating your exs friend isnt off-limits in all situations, but it really comes down to understanding the specifics of your dynamic with your ex. Youll have to decide whether this potential relationship is worth any potential hurt it could cause to your friend group.

What do you say to your ex-boyfriends best friend?

Seven Things To Say To Your Best Friends Ex-BoyfriendEnough with the puppy dog eyes whenever you see her. Please stop cornering me at the gym to find out things about her life. Stop liking her Instagram pictures. Dont learn her class schedule. I had to fix what you broke. Get over it.More items •1 Jun 2015

Should I swipe right on my exs friend?

“Never, ever swipe right on your friends ex,” says Barrett. “Dont try to match with them and dont message them. There are a lot of fish in the dating sea, and even matching with the ex could get back to your friend. They could find it very hurtful and it could threaten your friendship.

Is it rude to talk about your ex?

Talking to an ex when youre with someone else is very disrespectful. Your behavior shows that youre holding on to the past when you should be moving forward and making plans with the person you love. Its especially disrespectful if youre talking to an ex behind your partners back. So just dont do it.

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