Question: Do you need a relationship coach to get started?

Theres a common misconception that you have to go through a relationship coaching certification program to become a qualified relationship coach. This is not the case. (Caveat: There are some niches where you do need to be a certified coach. Thats why, if you have results in your niche, you can start coaching.

Do you need a relationship coach?

Relationship coaching is definitely not right for a couple who is working through trauma or serious mental health issues - that requires a specialist therapist - but it can be useful for addressing issues that are happening within the relationship - like communication, trust, parenting, stress or addictive behaviors.

How do you start a relationship coaching?

Steps to Becoming a Relationship Coach:Step One: Decide The Types of Couples You want to Coach as a Relationship Coach. Step Two: Decide if you will be coaching independently or work with your significant other. Step Three: Get Trained and Certified as a Relationship Coach.More items

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