Question: Who has Miles Austin dated?

Personal life. Austin briefly dated Kim Kardashian in 2010. In 2014, Austin married his wife, Stacy Sydlo, whom he had met at Monmouth. They have three children together.

Which Kardashian did Miles Austin date?

7. Kim Snags Another Football Player Boyfriend. Kim began dating Miles Austin — an NFL football player — in June 2010. According to People magazine the Dallas Cowboys star and the reality show diva had a brief relationship.

Where is Miles Austin right now?

Now Austin lives in Rumson with his wife Stacy and 4-year-old son Miles IV. Hes back at Monmouth finishing up his degree in political science, with expectations of graduating next year. Hes thought about coaching, and applied to coach the Cowboys receivers (longtime NFL assistant Sanjay Lal got the job).

What happened to Miles Austin?

Austin has since gotten into coaching. He was a pro scouting intern with the Cowboys for two seasons and now hes heading to the AFC East. Peter Schrager of the NFL Network is reporting that Austin is being hired as the wide receivers coach for the New York Jets.

Is Miles Austin still in the NFL?

After featuring in just 11 games in 2013, Austin signed with the Cleveland Browns in the offseason on a one-year deal. He caught 47 passes in Cleveland before joining the Philadelphia Eagles the following offseason as a free agent. Austins one year in Philly was his last season in the NFL, and he retired in 2015.

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