Question: Is Dess Dior and Future married?

(Wedding Pics) Rapper Future and his 22 year old girlfriend Dess Dior are now “spiritual” husband and wife. MTO News confirmed that the couple underwent what they are calling a “spiritual marriage” on New Years Eve.

Who is Dess Dior mom?

Rapper Future Throws Mom A Massive 56th Birthday Party, GF Dess Dior Attends. Rapper Future went all out for his mom Stephanie Jesters 56th birthday party.

Who is Jayda wayda boyfriend?

Jayda Waydas boyfriends name is Lil baby. Lil baby is a famous Rapper and also a Social media personality.

Who is Jayda pregnant by?

Its official: hair mogul Amour Jayda and Atlanta rapper Lil Baby have something to major to celebrate. On Feb. 18, 2019, Jayda Cheaves and Dominique Jones welcomed their first child together.

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