Question: What artists use Peavey amps?

The Peavey 6505 has helped define the down-tuned sound of modern metal in the arsenals of artists like Machine Head and producers such as Colin Richardson, Andy Sneap and Jason Suecof, who have produced the most enduring metal and hard rock albums of the past two decades.

Are Peavey amplifiers good?

For decades Peavey has set the bar for that rich, thick American high-gain sound, and has been the go-to brand for extreme metal players. Peavey is by far my favorite amp brand for metal. The Peavey 6505 Series is outstanding for metal.

Does Peavey still make 5150 amps?

Ultimately, Eddie Van Halen ended his endorsement with Peavey in 2004, and with that, production of the 5150 came to a halt. Due to the amps massive popularity and continued use across the music industry, Peavey decided to rename the amplifier and continue selling it as the Peavey 6505.

Where are Peavey amps built?

Peavey currently owns 1.5 million square feet (140,000 m2) of manufacturing/assembly area over 33 facilities across North America, Europe and Asia, 18 of which are located in Mississippi. Products are manufactured mainly in China and the United States, and are distributed to 136 different countries.

Who started Peavey amps?

Hartley Peavey Hartley Peavey (born December 30, 1941) is the founder and CEO of Peavey Electronics Corporation and a well-known innovator in the musical equipment industry .Hartley PeaveyOccupationCEO of Peavey Electronics CorporationYears active1965-presentKnown forFounder of Peavey Electronics3 more rows

Which 5150 is the best?

The Peavey 5150 is lauded as one of the best modern amps for high gain rock and metal sounds since its debut in 1992. The newer 6505 is also regarded as an excellent amp for high gain tones, and has an entire line of different configurations to meet the needs of any guitarist looking for a huge and heavy sound.

Who makes EVH amps?

Fenders EVH brand is legendary rock guitarist Eddie Van Halens personal product line of electric guitars, amps, and accessories. Every model and piece of equipment produced under the EVH label is meant to reproduce Van Halens unique sound.

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