Question: Is pretty much meaning?

What does it mean to say pretty much?

Mostly; very nearly.

Is pretty much correct?

Applying the rules of transformational grammar, correct is an adjective, much is an adverb modifying correct, pretty is an adverb modifying much.

How do you use the phrase pretty much?

Pretty much is used more often used alone as a two-word response when you want to agree and say “Basically, yes”: A: So I heard you work about 12 hours per day at your new job? B: Yeah pretty much.

Is pretty much informal?

1 Answer. The meanings of the two phrases are the same, but they are different with regards to formality. Pretty much is more informal than basically. I would only use pretty much in conversational contexts, but basically I would use in both conversational contexts and more formal ones.

What means pretty good?

It basically just means mostly good or fairly good or somewhat good. It definitely isnt more than good, though.

What can I say instead of pretty much?

pretty muchabout,all but,almost,borderline,fair.[chiefly British],fairly,feckly.More items

Can I use pretty much in a sentence?

The place will pretty much empty out by morning. Silicon, so far as we know, behaves to metals pretty much like carbon, but our knowledge of facts is limited. You know pretty much everything there is to know about me, she said, laughing.

Is it pretty good or pretty well?

I would say that both are correct. Pretty good is quite common in the US. In my experience, I think the British are somewhat more inclined to the correct form, which would be Pretty well or some variation of it (quite well/I am well). Based on correct grammar, well should be used.

What is the same of pretty?

attractive, lovely, good-looking, nice-looking, fetching, prepossessing, appealing, charming, delightful, nice, engaging, pleasing. darling, sweet, dear, adorable, lovable. winning, winsome, cute, as pretty as a picture, dainty, graceful.

What is a fancy word for pretty much?

fair. [chiefly British], fairly, feckly.

What should I reply pretty good?

Pretty good as a response to a question can mean anything from really awesome to so-so to not so hot or even could be better — you just have to have an ear for it.

What is a better way to say pretty much?

pretty nearly. pretty well. within an inch of. to all intents and purposes. in effect.

What can I say instead of pretty good?

synonyms for pretty goodadequate.decent.reasonable.satisfactory.average.medium.middling.okay.More items

How do you say so much formally?

synonyms for so items

Whats a big word for love?

1 tenderness, fondness, predilection, warmth, passion, adoration. 2 liking, inclination, regard, friendliness.

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